Von Jon Fosse

Von: Jon Fosse
Datum: 21.06.2016 06:02
An: info@wist-derliteraturladen.de

Dear Carsten Wist and Felix Palent
Thank you very much for your kind, and dare I say, wise words! It is difficult for me to see the closeness to nature, and the quietness, in my writing, but I really hope you are right.

To take care of myself (in a way) I for some years have completely stopped travelling to do readings, interview on stage, to opening-nights. This was a wise decision, I am sure about, and I stick to it. So I am sorry: I will not come to your Fosse-evening. But I am sure that Hinrich, who knows my writing (and even me) very well, will represent me in the best way possible.

Hinrich is so to say my German voice, and his voice is crucial to the experience of my writing in German.
I am both thankful and honoured by you words and your invitation, so I feel a bit shamed not to accept it, but I hope for your understanding: after some twenty years of intensive travelling, the wisest I could do was to stop travelling.
All the best,
Jon Fosse

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